How do I set up Direct Deposit?

In the app's main menu, click "Cash Out." Link to your Dwolla account or utilize the secure easy method of Direct Deposit. 


To add a cashout option:

1. Log in to your Agent account and click "Manage Cashout Options" on the right sidebar.

Manage Cashout Options


2. Scroll down to create a new cashout option. Select "Direct Deposit (EFT)" and enter your information.

You will need your Bank's name, routing number, and account number.



3. Confirm you are the one creating a new cash out method by entering the code sent to the phone number associated with your Field Agent account.



4. Wait 2-3 business days for a micro-deposit (less than $1) to show up in your bank account.

Then log back in to enter the amount deposited in your bank account.

Once verified, you're all set!



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