The Basics for Success

Be Prepared

  • You are an Undercover Agent. Do not identify yourself as being with Field Agent unless otherwise instructed. You are being contracted to be a normal everyday shopper. Be discreet when taking photos, answering questions, and interacting with personnel.

  • Read the instructions BEFORE going into the store and beginning the job.  Know what's expected so you can better be undercover. 
  • Go to the address given in the job. Do not rely on GPS pinpoints.

  • Know the operating hours of the store or location you are visiting

  • Permanently closed locations will require a photo of the closed store or whatever facility is currently at the job address. Write a comment explaining the situation. If we can verify your data from your GPS and photo, you will still be paid for your work!

In the Field

  • Dress and act appropriately for the shop/assignment.  Remember, you are undercover, do not call attention to yourself.  If you do not feel comfortable with the role or assignment, simply cancel your reservation and check for other opportunities.

  • If you are requested to take a selfie or a video selfie be sure your attire is appropriate. No tanks or low cut tops, please.

  • Respect store personnel. If you are spotted taking pictures and asked to stop or leave the store, please comply. Submit any portion of the job you were able to complete. It is important to remember we never require illegal action as a part of any job. Leave the store and tell us what happened in the comments.

  • Foul language is not professional at any time and will not be tolerated.

General Best Practices

  • Know the reservation time.  Time starts when you reserve the job, not when you begin to complete the job.
  • All photos must be submitted via the app to protect the integrity of the data. Be sure to read all instructions carefully and only submit clear photos.

  • Capture an image for EVERY photo request. Look for alternate instructions to follow if the first request for a photo is not available.

  •  Answer every question, always answer honestly.

  • This is your chance to be heard! Give good feedback and tons of detail when asked for your opinion. This is more than a few bucks; it is your chance to make a difference.
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